Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Introducing R.J. PING BROBERG!

RJ = Robert Joseph (Robert for my dad and Joseph for my mom's dad)
Chinese Name: Lan Yan Ping
Date of Birth: January 12, 2007
Place of Birth: Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China (central China)

On March 27 I sent in my letter to the China Center of Adoption Affairs (the Chinese agency who places Chinese children for adoption) with a request, the Letter of Intent (LOI) that we be allowed to add RJ to our family. My agency had called the day before asking if I would be interested in looking at a file of a little boy, just over 2 years old. They stated that they knew I was looking for a younger baby, but thought I might still be interested in looking. But, they said, just a warning...once you see this picture it will be awfully hard to resist! Thats o.k. I said...I'll just take a little peek. Boy were they right!! It was love at first sight. Even though I was trying to be logical and non-emotionally attached...I just felt something, like I knew that this was the child waiting to be part of our family. My agency only gave me until noon the next day...March 27... to decide for sure. That day, I had already decided to take the day off for Emma's birthday - so that gave me a chance to really talk with my family and contemplate in the quiet (well, as quiet as it gets with Emma around!) By noon I felt certain and I was ready to send in my LOI to the CCAA.

Today May 26,2009, 60 days after sending in my LOI, I received the letter from the CCAA wherein I affirm that I wish to adopt RJ. Now I have to wait for Travel Approval (TA) and a few weeks after that we will be off to China. Hopefully no later than August! Pray for us. I am SOOOOO ready to have RJ with me and Emma and all the rest of my wonderful family and friends.

Here are a few more pictures (taken around August 2008):

And a couple recent pictures (March 2009)